MC Frontalot FTW

First off, let me say that I was not expecting anyone to comment on the Novel Novice feature at this site. So if I took a long time approving your comment I apologize. If you are a real person and your real email address is getbiggerboobs@hotmail and I deleted your comment, I apologize. If you are a real person and you really wanted to share 150 upskirt webcams with me, well, please don’t. If you’re a bot….you don’t care.

To those who are clearly real commenters, THANK YOU! And the RSS feed is coming. And totally Lady Gaga FTW.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing MC Frontalot in concert at the Iron Horse in Northampton and it was a wonderful show. It was my first time at a show, although I watched Nerdcore Rising so I feel like I was there before.

This, however, was  a unique and special occasion. First, MC Frontalot is a friend of my friend Holly Post and was shall we say instrumental at another friend’s bachelor party. He showed up with a megaphone. So we had a bottle of scotch to give to him, and I’ve not done that to a performer before.

Then he brought me a burrito. Then I got to bop to the Yellow Laser Beam song.

So I officially have another hardcore nerdy girl crush, on a nerdcore band appropriately enough. Especially Blak Lotus AKA Brandon Patton. Blak Lotus! It’s like he has a superhero name!

And I am blogging about it even though it is well known that MC Frontalot hates my blog 🙂

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